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We didn’t live in the same town, and I hadn’t seen him in several years.

I let him know at my house there would be boundaries and conditions.

I didn’t use the word , because his recent behavior and actions told me he looked at rules only as a way to challenge an authority figure.

I explained right off that if he was going to be part of my family, then he had to change some habits.

I reminded my nephew that I had said there would be some conditions, and that I would like to go over what those boundaries and conditions looked like.

I had laid things out very clearly how living in my family was going to be. I went into this arrangement knowing there were going to be challenges and he would falter occasionally, but I chose to see these situations with humor.

(I imagine that is what God does with me most of the time.) By seeing the humor I was able to keep a sane wit about me and keep my cool.

Many times when a teen is out of control and the parent is not capable of caring for the child, a family member or other person is called in to help.

If a state agency is called in and the agency workers determine a child must be removed from the home, they will usually try to find a relative to care for the child versus putting the child into foster care.

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Most act out because they feel all of their power has been taken away.