Dating a gemini cancer cusp woman Animated video sex chat

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Dating a gemini cancer cusp woman

As a teenager, whenever I had the hots for a guy, the first thing I would do after finding out when his birthday was, was to dig through my books on astrology.

Daydreaming about eventually marrying and bearing the children of whomever happened to be my current object of affection, I whiled away many an hour reading chapters on “Aries and Virgo” (yikes), “Aries and Libra” (pass), “Aries and Sagittarius” (yay! (If internet had been available in the mid-1980s, I’d have been an unstoppable force! *insert thunderous applause & enthusiastic roars from the reading audience here* In What’s My Sign?

Gemini-Cancer individuals have a tremendous capacity for love but are equally capable of withholding it.Since staying in touch with reality is especially important for Gemini-Cancer individuals, they may find friends and lovers who are more extroverted then they are an essential link to the world.They should also beware of a kind of passive selfishness, in which it seems to others that they think the world revolves around them and that they constantly demand attention, if without saying so.They see love as a primary reason to live, one that may get them through many a difficult period.Forced to choose between love on one hand and wealth and power on the other, those born in this week usually choose the former.

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Many Gemini-Cancer individuals are quite able to love from afar; platonic love has a special meaning for them.