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But here in Nigeria's capital, Abuja, Orazulike knows that his identity as a gay Nigerian is under attack.After news broke that President Goodluck Jonathan had on January 7 signed the Same-Sex Marriage Prohibition bill, unanimously approved by lawmakers in May 2013, Orazulike joined activists in Abuja to develop strategies to protect the LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered, Queer) community.If you are not a member yet, why not join us today as you just never know who is a click away!Abuja, Nigeria - Fourteen years ago, at the age of 19, Ifeanyi Orazulike could no longer ignore his affections for men.They conducted a series of meetings to discuss the law - that Human Rights Watch described as a "sweeping and dangerous piece of legislation" - which recommends penalties of up to 10 years imprisonment for same-sex couples who publicly show affection, and for members of organisations who assist gay people.

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"I had these funny feelings that I could not explain," he says.

As the feelings evolved into a full-fledged attraction for the same sex, Orazulike, for the first time in his life, began exploring his sexuality, as a student in a university in south-east Nigeria. "But I wasn't sure if I wanted to live as a homosexual." Today, 33-year-old Orazulike is confident in his orientation.

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For girls that still looking, my advice to u is always stay true to yourself and read between lines cuz there are some guys that talk the talk but cant walk the walk.

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