Friendships dating in china average dating before engaged

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] Take it from the Comrade: you can count on your true Chinese friends, wulun guijian (through thick and thin). Avoid them since they probably want something from you.But beware of Chinese people who smile suspiciously and announce, women shi pengyou! A real friend would never announce that you are friends.

[Note: the following rules about pengyou guanxi (relationships between friends) in China do not apply to tanlianai (dating; falling in love). The information presented here refers solely to putong pengyou ('ordinary' friends), with no hanky-panky involved!They are on the payroll simply because they have certain gunxi that makes them invaluable to their employer.But the word guanxi also refers to all kinds of other relationships.Even China neophytes know that the word guanxi means 'relationships.' One kind of guanxi refers to the useful relationships you maintain with people who are in a position to help you in some way.Here's a purely xujia (hypothetical) example to illustrate the point: a China-savvy business executive regularly invites members of thegongshangju (Commercial Bureau) out to expensive dinners.

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