How to stop dating violence

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How to stop dating violence

"When teens feel the need to get a restraining order, you're talking about pretty serious fear," Dr. Most efforts to prevent this kind of abuse take place in health classes or physical-education programs, with adults as instructors.Although most programs are privately funded, the Massachusetts Department of Education has allocated 0,000 for dating-violence prevention programs in 31 communities.Camillo does in "Enough Is Enough." Then comes the "honeymoon" phase, when he apologizes, gives his girlfriend flowers, and promises not to hit her again. Sometimes abuse becomes so aggravated that teens take out restraining orders.

He uses "dating-rights" lists as one way of helping students distinguish between healthy and abusive relationships.Another way is to raise awareness of dating violence.There are many campaigns you can become involved in and bring to your school, church, or community.Reverend Peterson encourages girls to be more assertive and to understand that their bodies are their own.He talks to boys about the sports terms men use to reduce relationships to a game or a win-lose proposition.

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Bystander intervention is an invaluable tool in the fight against teen dating violence, but many people will not intervene if they do not know the right way to go about it or when to get involved.

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