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Promotional codes for uniform dating

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Graduate courses are found within the Graduate Catalog, Clinton School of Public Service Website, and the Law School Website.

The following is a listing of all undergraduate course codes.

Click on the four-letter code to review the undergraduate courses within that discipline.

Study of federal income taxation provisions affecting the formation, operation, liquidation, acquisition, and reorganization of Sub-chapter C corporations.

There will be an emphasis on research and tax planning.

Provides experience in an organizational setting designed to integrate accounting theory and practice.

Topics to be covered include career planning, professional certifications, ethical standards for accountants and emerging issues for the accounting profession.

Accounting program assessment is done in this course.

ACCT 4314 Advanced Financial Accounting Prerequisite: ACCT 3312 with C or greater.

Accounting for temporary and long-term investments, business combinations, consolidated financial reporting, and international operations. ACCT 4316 International Accounting Prerequisite: ACCT 2310, ACCT 2330, ACCT 3311, ACCT 3312, and ACCT 4314, each with a grade of C or greater.

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Federal income tax topics related to partnerships and partners, corporations and shareholders, trusts and estates, research methods in tax practice, survey of the unified estate and gift tax law. Methods and tools of tax research as applied to both closed fact and controllable fact cases.