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He did not wish anyone to be offended by a routine that had words such as "peace" and "compassion" in it.To make light of the moment, Lythgoe joked that he was more upset to have seen the same routine ten times.His choreography was meant to be a dance promoting peace, but was considered by some viewers as a political statement against the Iraq War.

During this time, Australia started to do auditions for So You Think You Can Dance Australia. It is also shown on the Fox network in Japan without any editing with the performance and elimination round being shown on the same night.

If the eliminated dancers are not from the same couple, their respective partners form a new pair for the following week's performances.

Once the field of dancers is narrowed down to the top 10, permanent partnerships dissolve and contestants draw their new partners from a hat each week.

On the first performance show, Murphy enjoyed Anya Garnis and Danny Tidwell's jive performance so much, she made a metaphor of a "hot tamale train" having "just pulled up and let Anya off the train, special delivery." The phrase was regularly referred to by Murphy throughout the rest of the season, sometimes with an added distinction of being in "first class" for truly extraordinary routines.

On the week before the final performance show, she brought the metaphor to a close by noting that the "hot tamale train was entering finale station."The controversy regarding Wade Robson was due to the anti-war solo routine he created for the top 10 contestants.

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Contestants are in reverse chronological order of elimination.¹ Because Jessi Peralta was unable to participate in the performance show, she had to perform a solo despite not technically being in the bottom three couples.² Because Fox aired NFL coverage during the regular Thursday time slot, the results broadcast was pre-recorded and moved to the following Monday.

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