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You might also want to check you country’s embassy or consulate for social and cultural events.Now the hard part: finding people So you’ve perused all these websites and learned more about life in Istanbul, but how do you actually meet people?The easiest way to begin talking to someone is by having shared interests.This commonality provides a ready-made topic of conversation and allows things to develop more organically.Meetup, Internations and Facebook all have groups based on various interests and hobbies such as playing volleyball, dancing salsa, practicing Spanish or just drinking beer on Friday nights. Another good way to meet people is to participate in seminars and workshops, or to sign up for Turkish language courses.

There are three well known spaces: Yazane, Kolektif House and Urban Station.The next step is to develop those friendships and build personal connections outside the workplace or classroom (adding them as friends on Facebook does not count).One of the benefits of living in Istanbul is that there are innumerable events to attend and venues to explore.It hit me a few weeks after moving to Istanbul two years ago.I was stressed and confused by so many things like accommodation and paperwork, but what struck me the most was the realization that I did not have any friends.

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Of course I kept in touch with old friends and family back home, but they could not fully understand what I was going through at the moment nor how overwhelmed I was; they couldn’t help me in any concrete way.

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